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Welcome on my web site!

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. This isn't truly an unexpected heading, ‚the completion of the creation’? For years, but I already dealt with this topic ignorantly, was simply interested what „the world holds together in the innermost one”.

You can learn about the link „over me” exact over me.

Here I write only something for too above as the introduction, topic I would like to lead only some aphorisms here.

  • The most important basis of my complete draft is in Matthew 5 verse 3. I quote: Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Since all human theologies more or less also are determined by the human mind anyway, they are also more or less faulty. If you take these as your basic living conditions, you will always come into conflict with my drafts! I also expect, however, that this will happen!

  • A basic question could be, is this topic at all important to people and relevant for us, then? This doesn't concern our very own problems actually anyway at all!

  • Many people also have questions about the past and the future of the world. There but exactly always are more detailed pieces of evidence of very educated scientists to this for the theories of evolution which are correct even if they are not correct!

  • Exactly with these „pieces of evidence” are earned or „made” cost of living, that is money the truth therefore money determines the truth not, and these expensive truths are therefore worth what? Namely nothing!, get cost of living because they are determined by the necessity! And this is the basic problem of mankind, therefore the people from himself are not able to be able to recognize the truth at all at all, because the primary basic efforts of the people are to be able to live into this!

  • Many don't see real meaning in the life either. Not reaches many people earn alone money to by far!

  • Do you want to know why there is really a world? So clicks on the link to the draft about the creation God's.

  • I have this web page written only as a little start portal, so who is interested really like it from God's view will go on, this one can get in touch with me about this!

  • What is the smallest common „denominator” between God and people?

  • What does the Bible say over the world?

  • How and why was the world just created so?

  • What is the origin of mankind?

  • Does the origin of the world, the universe and the mankind have to be included at all scientifically?

  • What God's plan for mankind is?

  • What was and is the task Jesus Christ in the release of mankind?

  • Could Jesus Christ as Jesus of Nazareth really explain all important Bible words for the release of Israel or was it impossible for him because it was not his direct task?

  • What are the seven seals?

  • What is today's mankind? And ...

  • What is the future of mankind in the empire God's?

  • A word to the „climate change” been of afraid by many: This is foreseen divinely and therefore planned from the beginning; for the continuation of the human creation therefore absolutely necessary!

  • And still a small remark on the „edge”: Responsible, this are for his own life itself everybody what I have worked out, it is to inherit people for everybody possibly, everybody one by one decides in favour of Jesus Christ, all others stay back with the future translation except for some exceptions if!

These are some topics with which I deal in my draft, I, however, haven't published this one here yet!


Photo collection

About this link you come to my draft about the creation God 's.

The golden gate in Jerusalem

 I have provided some of my photos onto my web page here. Gets later perhaps fully developed .

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