Why this web page?

Why this web page?
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The release of the creation - why?

Why do I write such a web page which deals with the creation, seems although proved scientifically anyway that there does not seem to be any creation?

I would like this one here to cite a passage from the Bible, this to add me to this with busy, exact exactly now.

  1. God had said in Genesis 1, 26:„And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth!” At that time, so he was the main task Adams that shall created alive about everything personally is on the earth that is plants and animals. But what did he do at that time? He believed his companion a little later who broke off of the tree of the knowledge, of this ate and gave also to him something to eat of this and he ate also of this tree. Through this lost he became the right of the power over the earth and he and the complete creation of the transitoriness subjected therefore mortal and fear got at that time! The „climate change” is also included! And this is the intellectual basis of our present different „scientific” philosophies of life! So the transitoriness or the death rules instead of a man now, as it wanted God from the beginning, however!
  2. To undo this in the course of world history now practically again the sir (the real creator who acts on behalf of God) took God, now this sin of the people carried her to the cross, therefore defeated the death and made it possible for a man again to take on this power which the death and devil Inn had till now. In the course of the 2000-year history he builds up his invisible body on the earth, now the municipality and church and gave every religious person the share in the power which is provided for him.
  3. And so I have said personally for me my task is in Genesis 1, 26 now again: Yes, I accept this personally for me and this has exactly been the real aim Jesus Christ that he makes it possible for a man again to dominate so as it had provided God for Adam and Eva. At that time, this did not go for certain creation technical reasons, however, because of this there was this apparent „detour” via the Fall of Man.
  4. Of course I do not need a human theological education for it either because my testimonial otherwise does not last truly, mortal people would with hers theologies try to rule over me, and this is not possible then there!
  5. I contradict all human theologies and philosophies of life with my web page, what does not go at all either differently, because, at present, every man is intellectually still bound to the Fall of Man and therefore the lie and the death, why, at present, the truth also still will for you sound like a lie! However, being able to not be deterred of it even if much still seems illogical in your eyes!
  6. Because it is unfortunately so that all people shorten inevitably the word God's and on this unfortunately build up her faith or her philosophy of life and someplace intellectually therefore stop and then are astonished and are frightened, that still much more gives it, what, till now, they have not expected and understood. I go in my web page into many of these shortenings because the creation cannot be understood from the human view!
  7. And this which one thinks to have understood, one exaggerates this often and fells to the other extreme with that, why there so much are different faith directions and churches! Religious wars etc. are the result.

I describe everything this more exactly on my web page!


Photo collection

About this link you come to my draft about the creation God 's.

The golden gate in Jerusalem

 I have provided some of my photos onto my web page here. Gets later perhaps fully developed .

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