What is a Judaism or Christianity without God?

What does everything add to it?

*Jn 3, 3. I really, really tell to you if somebody isn’t born once more doesn’t, he knows this for empire God’s so see!

You ask how you can be born once more? You perhaps already have heard from Christen of a life handing over to Jesus Christ and perhaps have already practised her, too. You are then still missing something to this.

Because you have the empire God’s although in this world looked, perhaps knows even people who have practised this and live also into this but you say this is too sectarian for you! And I say to you nowyou aren’t to the empire God’s come in!

Read to this sometime:

*Jn 3, 5. I really, really tell to you if somebody wasn’t born out of water and mind, empire God’she gets not into this so come in!

Are you frightened now?

You collaborate faithfully and actively in a church perhaps, use your leisure time there and nevertheless are at the first resurrection and caught up not with at this!

You therefore don’t belong to the narrow circle of the body Christ since you have submitted your life to Jesus Christ only passively and has left back the future caught up simply and you must suffer blows (Lk 12, 47) because I cannot afford that people who isn’t ready to rule because we will have much work and be able to not look after people, made himself which ready in her earthly life haven’t are admitted to the Millennium!

You are then the sheep at the second general resurrection among other things, however!

For you we prepare the eternal God empire during the Millennium!

However, you still can be there at the first resurrection by you submit your life to Jesus Christ, as described above complete, too! So you must go to a biblical Municipality and live into this!

I have installed link continuing no-one here consciously; more then gives back none to wake around you that it!

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